dijous, 14 d’abril de 2016


5th graders have been self-evaluating their work in class during all this course using a traffic light system. They’ve been also co-evaluating their classmates on speaking skills with this tool. This week, we are introducing for the very first time the co-evaluation in a whole class environment, so one kid is being observed by the others while he/she’s completing a grammar-based game on the digital board.

They need to give them a mark, but also explain their reasons to do so. It’s quite nice to see how they try to be honest but not harmful, and also how they are able to aply the attitude of their teachers while being in control of the situation. Then, at the end, the kids being evaluated have a moment to express if they agreed with their opinion or not, and why - so, everyone express their point in class!

This is our first experience, the rest is yet to come! Hope you enjoy it!

P.D. I finished myself the exercise in one of the lessons being recorded, and so I tried to skip being evaluated, but they asked straight away to do it, so… I was also being observed and checked out. NICE!

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